API Integration

ICEPAY provides REST Api to merchants that require more control and flexibility on payment requests.

!! It is required that merchants connect to ICEPAY Api through their back end systems since there will be credentials submitted. This sensitive data should not be exposed in client side systems.

  1. Merchant collects all payment information like amount, currency, payment method etc. All required and optional parameters are listed in Api Reference
  2. Payment request is submitted to one of the endpoints depending on the flow type (Transaction or Authorisation).
  3. Payment response contains a url** that merchant will redirect the consumer for inputting the details of selected payment method. For example, in case of Credit Card scenario, redirected page will expect credit card details of consumer like card number, card holder, CVV etc.
  4. Consumer submits payment details and Icepay handles the payment. As a result, consumer is redirected to merchant page with the result of the payment. Merchant specifies return urls in their requests. If return urls are not provided in the request, Icepay will use the urls that are registered in merchant’s profile. More details about redirects could be found on Payment Feedback section.

** Authorisation flow (e.g AfterPay) will return direct response instead of a redirect url.